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Teri Scheinzeit is a Top-Streamer Award Winner at

Teri Scheinzeit

Congratulations, Teri Scheinzeit, you’re a Top Streamer at! You’re not just an amazing artist with beautiful songs, a great voice, great instrumentation and production – you’re a savvy business coach and a writer with an eye on healing, happiness, and wholeness…and you’ve got technical virtual presentation chops too! Learn more at her websites: and
Tret Fure is a Top Streamer at!

Tret Fure

Congratulations, Tret, you’re a Top Streamer at! Tret shares her sweet songs beautifully in her monthly stream, “Live From Home.” Watch her schedule and livestreams (8 pm) at
Amy Soucy - Top Streamer at

Amy Soucy

Congratulations, Amy Soucy, you’re a Top Streamer at! You’re not just an amazing artist with vocal and songwriting chops – you also teach mindful movement practices, empowering women to find their “unshakeable wellbeing.” You do all of this with deep compassion, empathy, and lack of judgment, bringing women together virtually during a challenging time of isolation.
Jonatha Brooke - Top Streamer at

Jonatha Brooke

Congratulations, Jonatha Brooke, you’re a Top Streamer at! You’re not just an amazing artist with songwriting masterclasses, great songs, great voice, and great instrumentation – you’ve got technical streaming chops too!
The Kennedys are Top Streamers at

The Kennedys

Congratulations, Pete and Maura Kennedy, you’re Top Streamers at! The Kennedys Weekly Livestream Archive (and current show link!) Sundays, 2-3:00 pm Eastern. Weekly, uplifting, all-request livestreaming concerts. Nearly two dozen albums and tons of songs. Play along at home on their closing theme, “Safe Until Tomorrow” (PDF of lyric/chord chart at
David Roth, Top Streamer at

David Roth

Congratulations, David, you’re a Top Streamer at! David always looks and sounds great delivering his guitar, vocal, and piano mix of uplifting and uniting songs. Here’s his Rising in Love Music Hour which aired on 2-10-21:
Tina Ross, Top Streamer winner at

Tina Ross

Congratulations, Tina, you’re a Top Streamer at! Tina plays her own heartfelt songs *and* expertly hosts concert-plus-interview format shows for the Folk Project. Great look, sound, and questions! Watch her 7/20/2021 show here:
Vito Petroccitto, Top Streamer winner at

Vito Petroccitto

Congratulations, Vito, you’re a Top Streamer at! Hudson Valley Singer-Songwriter Vito Petroccitto performs for you in the comfort of your own home. Always a fun, laid-back, good dose of entertainment – great Rock / Funk / Folk Rock classics!

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