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How to find the model number of your iPhone

Visit the link below to help you on your way.

  • It’s good to start by looking at the tiny print on the back of your iPad. They all start with the letter “A.” (Mine, for example, is A1458.) On the link below, you can search for your model number and determine what generation yours is.
  • Find out which iPad model you have.

Use the link below to find your Mac computer’s OS.

To identify your monitor and its resolution, choose Apple () menu > About this Mac > Displays. Your display name, its size, and its resolution appear there. (Graphics card info is there, too!)

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New! Zero Fees to Facebook on Paid Online Events Has Been Extended

Initially slated to end June 2021, you’ll now continue to pay zero fees to Facebook on the revenue you earn from paid online events through January 2023; other platform fees and applicable taxes may still apply.

How do I appeal Facebook’s content decision to the Oversight Board? (How do I appeal their rejection of my complaint?)

About Zoom

  • As of December of 2021, when you update your Zoom software you’ll be given the option to allow Zoom to stay updated automatically – at last!

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