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Are you a singer-songwriter, instructor, entrepreneur, teacher, or small business pro?

Tech is confusing. If you gather online to meet, present, sell, or perform, get all your questions answered with great coaching and guidance before you golive. I’ll help you achieve the best HQ audio and video for Zoom, Facebook, YouTube…wherever your audience awaits you.

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Glen Roethel

your comforting connection coach

Hey, welcome to You might be a performing musician like me (singer-songwriter, entertainer, producer), a teacher, or an entrepreneur wanting to reach audiences via live streaming and virtual presentation. We may have a lot in common, but in case you haven’t already crammed your head full of the tech required to make it real, I’m here to help fill in the blanks.

Soon after the pandemic stopped all in-person appearances and gatherings I figured out how to livestream, how to incorporate the benefits of a green screen with custom backdrop artwork, how to multi-stream, and ultimately how to overcome Zoom’s sonic limitations. I streamed a 2-hour live show every Friday to help myself feel “normal.” (In short, I accessed my inner-Geek.) It wasn’t easy to know how I sounded or looked online, and I soon realized that it might benefit more people if I helped other streamers as a virtual producer and soundman – and so much more! So here I am, ready to serve you. Are you ready to GoLive? Are you streamable?

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